10 Space-Savvy Ideas for the Small Modern Bedroom

A small bedroom can be unappealing and uncomfortable to be in. However, with the right design techniques, you can turn your small room into a dreamy retreat you never want to leave. From multitasking furniture to clever paint tricks, the following are some space-savvy ideas to maximize coziness in your small modern bedroom:

1. Use Vertical space

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When working with a small bedroom, think vertical. You may not have much floor space to work with, but if you use the walls well, you make use of space that would have been left bare while drawing the eye upwards, making your room seem bigger. Built-in shelves or closets that extend from the floor to the ceiling are a brilliant way to add extra storage space, interest, and visual space to the bedroom. Paint the shelves the same color as the walls to make the room seem larger. 

2. Use mirrors 

Having at least one full-length mirror in the bedroom creates the illusion of space and gives you a place to check out your outfits from head to toe. You can have mirrored closet doors, hang a Starburst mirror over your bed, or have furniture finished with chrome or mirrors. 

3. Let the light in 

The abundance of natural light makes a small room appear bigger and more elegant. Keep your window treatments to the minimum to allow as much natural light as possible and keep the look unfussy. 

4. Stay clutter free 

Having clothes, shoes, books and other things all over your bedroom floor and other surfaces make it look messy and takes up valuable space. Avoid such clutter in your bedroom by organizing your space and having a designated spot for all your stuff. You may also need a good purge to get rid of any unneeded and unattractive items. 

5. Get rid of bedside lamps

Bedside lamps take up space on your nightstand that you could use to keep books, your phone, and other items. Instead, you can install sconces above your bed to give the bedroom an open, airy look and also to act as a decorative feature. Sconces also reduce visual clutter around the bed and draw the eye upwards to make the room seem bigger. 
You can also hang a lantern, pendant lamp, or chandelier to be the source of light and also to act as the focal point of the small room. 

6. Go minimalist 

Everything in your small room should be the smaller version. For instance, a queen-sized bed takes up 33 square feet, while the smaller full-sized takes up about 28 square feet. Making a switch from queen to full gives you extra space to add in a nightstand or chair. If you do this for all your furniture, you will end up with a lot more space in the room. 

7. Have your furniture custom made 

Having furniture made to the exact measurements of your space can be a very good investment. You should come up with a plan of how you want to organize the room and then have a designer make furniture that perfectly fits the plan. 

8. Buy a risen bed

If the room is really small, a risen bed can be a great option. A risen bed will require you to use a mini ladder to get to your bed, but it gives you plenty of space to work with under the bed. You can use the space for a desk or cozy space to hang out in. If you don’t want to buy a new bed, you can get bed risers and lift your current bed to give you extra storage space for cheap. 

9. Try a light color palette 

While it’s true that going all white opens up a bedroom, this doesn’t mean that your room needs to look like an operating room. Instead, bring in some of your favorite colors, but stick with a soft, light color palette. Try white mixed with a mid-tone or bright color. For the best results, only use cool colors such as shades of soft blue, purple or green to make the room appear bigger. 

10. Use the headboard for storage 

Headboards come with all sorts of nooks and shelves where you can keep your books and other small items. You won’t have to reach far for a bedtime read. 

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