Christmas series lights are one of the best Christmas decorating items out there, but you may want some suggestions about the best way to decorate with them. That’s why we’ve come up with two of the best decorating ideas for chain lights — also called string lights — for Christmas this year. There are plenty of options available when it comes to your own Christmas lighting, but Christmas series lights are nearly magical in appearance and are so flexible that you can use them almost everywhere. Let us explore some of the various ways that you can create your outside and inside completely magical with those distinctive small lights.

One idea would be to decorate your deck. These fairy lights out of KooPower are among the greatest things that you can use to decorate your deck. That’s because they can hang from the ceiling rafters to make a romantic glow or be placed upon your own pillars and a deck to make it a Christmas to remember. These string lights are self-contained and watertight so that you can not easily put them out on your deck in climates where snow is a constant and know that they are likely to be perfectly safe and last for the whole season.

#1 Hang In the Trees

You can use chain lights to hang from trees as well. The 40-strand strings of lights that were previously mentioned are perfect for hanging out of trees because they are able to pay much of a little tree and even us pretty significant portion of a massive tree. You should definitely hang string lights from the trees as they are bright and battery-operated so you can just set them up and leave them to the entire season.

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#2 Produce Portable Wreaths

String lights are great for creating portable wreaths. If you leave these series lights into wreaths that you create, you can take them anywhere and hang them.

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#3 Weave Into Your Own Garland

You can also weave fairy lights in your garland and then hang it around the tree or anywhere you like. String lights work particularly well for garland since they are pretty much exactly the same length. You are able to turn a nondescript part of garland into something really special when you add string lights. Whatever you do is use little pieces of cable or perhaps garbage bag ties and line up the lights with the garland. If it’s possible to choose garland that is already the exact same length as your lighting strand, then you are going to have a significant benefit when it comes to putting them together.

#4 Decorate Santa’s Presents on Christmas Morning

This adds a magical element to an already magical experience, with both children and adults feeling that the spirit of Christmas when they see hundreds of tiny lights adorning the Christmas gifts that they’ve been looking forward to each year. You can put them to Christmas presents that are both wrapped and unwrapped, leaving them out of ribbons or adorning bicycles, toys and even stockings which have been recently filled.

#5 Tuck Into Shelf Corners

Short strands of fairy lights can be used to line your shelves. Whatever you do is empty the shelf and then lay your strand of fairy lights on it then tuck it in the corners. This is a superb way to illuminate the room, and if you’re able to get the proper strands of string lights which either fit perfectly onto a shelf together with the single-strand or doubled up, they will mix in with your decor and look as if they were installed there when the house has been built. This is a wonderful way to create a magical Christmas environment inside your property, and you can combine the lights along with other Christmas decorations that you set on the shelves.

#6 Line Your Mirrors

You could also use string lights to line your mirrors. If you add lights directly where the mirror meets the frame, then you’re going to be reflecting that light across the home. Anytime you add lights to your mirrors you are creating a beautiful surroundings, but mixing mirrors with fairy lights is one of the best Christmas decor ideas. Additionally, it’s actually easy to do. It is possible to simply use pieces of transparent tape or tacky putty underneath the light strand to keep the lights onto the mirror. Spelling words out is one of the most common ways to use fairy lights, and it surely is one of those ways which you could spruce up your home for the holidays; spelling out ’merry Christmas’,’happy holidays’ or any other material to perform with the season is a fantastic use of fairy lights. Making your own hints allow you to add your very own exceptional style and message to the rest of your Christmas decor.

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#7 Place inside Semi-Transparent Ornaments

Putting your series lights inside of semi transparent decorations is one of the best ways to use fairy lights. You are able to get lighted ornaments, but they aren’t going to glow like do-it-yourself luminous ornaments with fairy lights inside. The trick is you need to locate semi-transparent ornaments that already have a hole in them to add a very light or you have to get ornaments made from a material which will permit you to produce your own hole. You also have to find a means to keep the light within the decoration for example with scotch tape or even a small putty. There are lots of terrific ideas out there for fairy lights come around making your own glowing ornaments is a really great way to have a DIY job for Christmas.

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