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Putting A Sofa In Your Kitchen Is Officially A Thing

Forget pub stools and dining table chairs: People are pulling family room furniture whether comfy sofas or upholstered seats — into precisely the same space in the place where they eat and cook. Perhaps it is a complication of available floorplans, which were blurred the lines between your kitchen and the dining and living rooms. Sofas are a sophisticated means to different distances, after all, and beautiful banquettes and sofas can cause an instantaneous breakfast nook where no more built-in is present.

Or perhaps it’s only a reason to reunite as you cook. In any event, we do not despise it. All of us are about cozying up to your house, notably areas where spent as long. “Quite lots of our clients do possess sofas and seat areas inside their kitchens,” Zoe Parker of all deVOL Kitchens informs “I feel that the kitchen has come to be less of a location only just to cook and prepare meals, and also more of an area for family members and friends to cook and chill out ”

Clearly, kitchens are famously messy. Therefore stains and spills are a critical concern. This is precisely the reason Maureen Welton, Creative Director in Article, recommends deciding on furniture using cushioned cushions or removable covers and asking about sprays and guards while looking for couches and seats.

Have a look at a few more illustrations of the tendency beneath:

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Here’s a picture of the new furniture arrangement in our open plan kitchen-diner, taken from the other side of the interior glass panel that our architect designed to give us a view from the kitchen through to the playroom on the other side of the house. The dining table has moved across the room to where the old sofa used to be. Having the sofa there didn’t work as literally no one sat on it – it’s the furthest corner away from the bifolds, and has a view of the hallway so doesn’t feel very sociable. Putting the dining table in the corner works though – we don’t spend much time sitting at the table cos the kids have ants in their pants 😀 And now we have two lovely pink chairs in the lightest part of the room within easy chatting distance of the kitchen. Perfect 😍 I used to love rearranging my bedroom furniture as a kid and I still love doing it now 😁

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