Sometimes, your space begins to feel as though you’ve seen it all. You might even feel a bit cramped because for most people their surrounding directly relates to the way they feel, yes from those dull indoor paint jobs to lights that once looked enchanting but now, it’s just there. However, this New Year presents a brand new opportunity for you to change all that without having to go through the stress of moving and the best part is that it costs next to nothing!

Start with paint

Color makes everything brighter; a dreary kitchen can suddenly turn to a sunny room with a pop of yellow. A dash of a new color, bright or not gives a refreshing feel to a wall. It could be your powder room or a hallway. Also for better effects, consider painting your furniture. This will only take only a few precious hours but it is worth the time.

Lights, almost always the lights

There is magic in lighting. It practically has the power to make your home look as beautiful as you need, but it can make it just as horrible if you choose wrongly.

First, get a well defined view of what you want, if you what ambient lighting, to create an atmosphere for cozy reading or if you would prefer an indoor string lights to brighten the room. Creating good lighting could be changing light shades, re-painting the fixtures or completely clearing out the space. If your overhead light happens to be brighter than you like, put a dimmer on the switch, you can brighten or reduce as you wish.

Pillow swap

As simple and tiny as they seem, pillows count for a lot in a room since they are made with together with the furniture or beds. You can change the accent pillows on your bed and couch. It will look better if you choose a color that is completely different from the one already there. Choose a fun, swirly pattern over a solid boring pillow to make the room lively. To cut down the costs, all you have to do is choose pillow covers that will go with the existing pillows.

Rearrange the furniture

The furniture is by far the only thing that occupies most of the spaces in a household, if you want to create space then you should move them around. Your living room chair could be moved to the other side of the room and that sturdy bureau can be used as a catchall for purses and keys at the entryway. You don’t have to keep using your furniture for the exact reason it was made. Switch it up. Pull your furniture away from the wall to make these amazing reading nooks and beautiful, cozy family spaces.

Style your bookshelf

Bookshelves can get incredibly messy giving the entire room a scattered appearance if left undone. Don’t fret about it or get confused, all you have to do is arrange the books by color. Put some on their ends and others on their sides, place pictures and precious souvenirs on the shelf. It will serve to add variety to your bookshelf, a bunch of string lights can be hung stylishly over it, it will help you see better at night.


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