Top 10 Solar String Lights

Solar string lights give the additional wow factor to your decorations when you use it to your house, most notably to your garden, or special events like weddings, birthdays and a lot more.

The more solar string light that you desire to install it to your place, the more it helps your event to look magical because working with lights are wonderful to have.

If you’re jealous because your friends or neighbors have beautiful solar string lights in their homes or as party decorations, don’t feel that way. You can also have yours, but you have to look into some factors such as design, quality, and durability, price, and more. Even a simple rain can easily break these solar string lights if they didn’t go for the quality, but rather just for the affordability of it.

Well, it’s your turn to give your home and garden an attractive look that everyone will love because of those eco-friendly lights. Are you looking for the best solar string lights?

What’s a solar string light without its flexibility and the efficiency of its use? You can never go wrong when you are planning to design your event by using lights. Here we have listed the top 10 solar string lights that you may like. I hope that after this, you already have the idea of what is the best solar string lights that you will wish to have and be able to decorate the look of your outdoor space.

Solar string lights have benefits and advantages. These include:


Solar string lights are known for its energy-efficiency. You can skip the high electricity bills that cost you dollars. During the daytime, the power that keeps the solar string light working on daytime is because of the sunlight that its solar panel has acquired during day time. This solar panel will convert the sunlight, and in its rechargeable battery, there are electrical energy stored. And when the night comes, it automatically lights up and gives you an amazing light in your area.

Very Decorative

Solar lights are wonderful but even more wonderful because it gives you the wow factor when you use solar string lights as your decoration to your home and garden. Working and decorating lights are very eye-catchy because the looks of the whole are genuine. A solar string light gives you a class touch of design.


If you want to finish decorating using the solar string lights as fast as you can because you have other things to do, well you don’t have to worry anymore because these solar string lights are easy to handle. You can easily wrap your lights around the trees, furniture, shrubbery, shrubbery, and to your home and or office signs.

Here are some of The Top 10 Best Solar String Lights that will help you create a decorative essence for the night

#1 KooPower Dual Power String Lights

The solar string lights of KooPower has warm LED white light of 100 pcs. These solar string lights are great because it gives a warm heart welcoming essence that everybody will admire. Check out below its qualities how it can benefit you and your place for bringing out the best.

  • Eco-friendly Solar Power and battery operated at home. Don’t worry about bad weather such as cloudy, rainy and snowy days or indoor decoration
  • Because of its extra long cable, it helps you to have a flexibility if you are planning on positioning the solar string lights to get the sunlight directly to the panel.
  • No need to get hassled, it is easy to install because you can do it by yourself and ask someone to help you install the solar string lights and hope you have achieved the decoration thee you imagine.
  • These designs were considered as an eco-friendly because they can’t harm any living and non-living things and thoughtfully design, simple yet elegant.
  • When it’s dark already, the solar string will light up automatically when it’s night time. It saves time that reduces energy costs.
  • It works on a rainy weather because it is designed to be an outdoor waterproof condition.
  • It comes with 13 feet lead wire from the 55 ft set of the Solar String Lights plus a 42 feet lighted strands if you are planning to wrap your trees to make it look like an enchanting ambiance in your home and garden.
  • The KooPower Solar String Lights purposely made their string lights with copper. Due to its flexibility, you can create your string lights to whatever shape that you desire. So there’s no need to worry about the wire getting crumpled that it might damage the alignment of the cable.
  • As mentioned above, solar panels charge themselves by the sunlight. So there is no need for you to use electricity. Solar panels are made to help you lessen the bills that cost you dollars.

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#2 Lemontec Solar String Lights 200 LED

The solar string lights of the Lemontic Company has 200 LED holiday string lights for outdoor, ideal as solar lights for your patio. These solar string lights are fit for decorating your Christmas essence, to help your garden showcased its look, for your wedding to have a class part landscape because of its white light color which gives the ambiance to look classy. If you are willing to buy their solar string lights, the Lemontec Company offers you a 2 pack of their 200 LED solar string lights.

  • If you are having doubts about you having a wedding and your area is wide, well worry no more because the solar string lights of Lemontic has extra long wire so that you will be able to extend the lighting all over the place. Through this extra long wire, your decoration will be a success.
  • What’s good about these bulbs, unlike ordinary light bulb that you have at home, these are made to be soft-light bulbs. These are perfectly arranged on a 72-ft wire.
  • If you think that the bulbs will clash with the other bulb that might cause to crack, don’t worry about that because the distance of the wire coming from the panel to the first bulb is 5.9 ft or 1.8 meters.
  • Unlike other solar string lights, the Lemontec Solar String Lights last for about of lighting for 8 hours. Because it contains 1800 MAH lithium battery which stimulates the charge of the solar. You have a lot of time to enjoy the beauty of the decorations coming from its solar string lights.
  • You can do it by yourself, and there is no need to hire someone to install the solar string lights that you bought. Just do precautions when installing it. Safety is a first.
  • You don’t have to worry about your electric bill increasing because solar string lights charged itself through the sunlight.
  • There’s no need to remove the lights when there’s a rain because it works in a rainy weather.
  • It has an automatic on and off button that reacts to the ambient lighting, and it saves energy when the surroundings are too bright.
  • There is a button included, you bi-mode. There you can choose a steady or twinkling light option.
  • You have all the time to enjoy it because of its long-lasting lifespan of 10,000 hours

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#3 ViVii : Solar String Lights

The solar string lights that the ViVii Company made has twenty feet that have a LED contained 30. These solar string lights were like a crystal ball. These solar string lights were perfect for outdoor activities. If you are about to host an outdoor party, make sure that you have the ViVii Solar String Lights, why? because it will not only give you a cool decoration that will make it a glam and as genuine as ever.

  • Wanting to enjoy the solar lights, but it only lasts for a few hours? Worry no more because it has a battery which is rechargeable so you can continuously enjoy the night lasting up to about to ten hours once it is fully charged. So make sure that when you install solar string lights, you have to charge it using only the sunlight fully. First thing first in the morning place your solar panel under the direct heat of the sunlight to acquire the exact amount of the sunlight so that your solar string lights will have a memorable night with those lights.
  • It has a five feet lead advantage, and the wire can reach up to 20 ft. The 30 light bulb looks unique when you plan to install a lot of them because of the bubble globes. It just seems that you were in a magical place.
  • These solar string lights are unique because it has an eight working mode.
  • It is designed to be waterproof resistant that will suit for decorating your solar string lights for outdoors and indoors.
  • This solar string light gives you a priceless decoration to your garden because of the energy that’s coming from its solar panel. What’s great about these is that it doesn’t require an additional cost.
  • You no longer have to worry if you forget to turn the light off because it turns on automatically when it senses that darkness is approaching and automatically turns off when it is daytime.
  • At the back of the panel, there lies the power mode control and also the mode controls buttons that you need to deal with.

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#4 KooPower 100 LED Solar String Lights

The solar string lights designed by KooPower has a LED of 100. It is a solar Christmas light. A decorative light that will suit your Christmas decorations to put it to the next level. It is perfect for Patios, Decks, Parties, and Christmas Tree design that will look like a decorative fairy light.

  • It is designed to be a free from the cost. To keep it going, you need sunlight to charge your solar panel. You can now enjoy your string lights at night without consuming any current that cost your bills to increase. And during night time, users can enjoy your night with those incredible lights.
  • If you want your solar string lights to last long at night, well, KooPower Solar String Lights Company assured you to enjoy it that will last 10 hours at night time. How to do so? You have to make sure that you fully charged it. So first things first in the morning make sure that your solar string lights are placed where its solar panel can acquire enough sunlight to sustain the light that the solar string light need in able for it to last 10 hours at night time.
  • You don’t have to remove the installed solar string lights when it’s raining because the lacquer which is golden in able to survive the rainy weather.
  • The KooPower Solar String Lights were purposely designed to survive all kinds of weather conditions so don’t worry about your solar string lights getting destroyed because it is a waterproof resistant.

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#5 Qedertek Solar String Light

The solar string lights from Qedertek were great because it has a very festive ambiance that your visitors will love. Unlike other solar string lights, this is different because of its design of the bulb. Wants some more convincing? Check out below the qualities and durability of the solar string lights of Qedertek.

  • Qedertek Solar String Lights is perfect for decorations for outdoors, lawn, home, wedding, and holiday decors and also for your lawns and trees.
  • This is a festive and a perfect decoration because it was designed to have a flower like a blossom with a fifty colorful LEDs that have a twenty-one feet light strand.
  • The lead cable of the solar string light is about six point five feet.
  • Its solar panel of the Qedertek Solar String Lights is powered with a 2V and 100 MAH that has built in of 600 MAH NI-HI battery.
  • When its solar panel is placed under the sunlight, it will convert the sunlight to a useful electricity at daytime that automatically lights up at night. These solar string lights may last up to 8 hours at night.
  • If you plan to have an outdoor activity and you want to make it as memorable as it can be because you are with your friends, families and loved ones. You can install these solar string lights with the help of your friends, so you don’t have to hire someone to operate for the installment of your solar string lights.
  • The Qedertek Solar String Lights has is built that has a low voltage. It’s great because it has a solar stand and you don’t have to plug it in the sucket were electric current is quite indeed. Two switches with on and off and a choice for you of steady and flashing of lights mode.
  • You’re worried because if the installed solar string lights can’t withstand the rain and even a fall of the snow, but guess what Qedertek Solar String Lights have an IP65 Waterproof resistant, so you no longer have to remove them when it is raining or when it is snowing.

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#6 Mpow Solar String Lights

The solar string lights designed by has a LED of 100. Because of the warm white color of the string light, it is perfect for installing it in the garden, gate, patio, party, yard, wedding, and of course Christmas. So what’s unique about the Solar String Lights from Mpow? And how does it helps the outdoor decorations to be more

  • The Solar String Lights from Mpow is designed with an 1100 super bright LED’s glow with a touch of white light that will make your night starry.
  • There were 8 unique working modes, which include; combination, twinkle, waves, fading, fireflies, fading slowly, chasing, steady on modes. There are a lot of modes to choose from. Enjoy your starry night hanging out with the people that you want to be with.
  • No electric current is required for the lights to work because it is solar energy powered. This solar string lights will last during the night until 10 hours if it’s fully charged. The only thing that is required for the Mpow Solar String Lights to work is to charge it under the sun so that its solar panel will convert the sunlight into electrical energy.
  • You don’t have to guard it just to on and off the solar string light because most of the solar string lights are built to automatically lights up when it’s night and automatically turned off at daytime.
  • Are you concern about the rainy weather and the heat temperature, aren’t you? Worry no more! The Mpow Solar String Lights is built up about of Ip64 waterproof resistant, so you don’t have to remove it because it can withstand the rainy weather. You also don’t need to cover up your Mpow Solar String Lights thinking that it will overheat or it will be damaged because it is heat-resistant during day and night.

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#7 BOANT Solar String Lights

The product of the solar string lights by the BOANT has a LED of 30. If you want to have a starry night with your friends, with your family, and with that special someone. This solar string lights would match your night if you were planning to host a starry night in your place. You can achieve it by using these decorative solar string lights designed by the BOANT Company. So what you need to know about these products were explained below.

  • This product was powered with an 800 MAH built-in with a rechargeable battery. Once you have fully charged the solar panel, the solar string lights can last the night up to 8 to 10 hours.
  • The BOANT designed this product with a 5 ft LED and a 15-feet wire that lights with a 30 bubble globe.
  • These solar string lights decoration is powered from its solar panel coming from the sun. There is no need for you to charge it on the outlet in able for it to work because it will only need the sunlight’s energy.
  • It is waterproof solar string lights and also its’ solar panels so that it can withstand the rains or even the intense heat that’s coming from the sun.

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#8 Water Drop, Solar String Lights

The solar string lights are built with a LED of 30 with a fairy-like essence to the place where you were decorating. This is unique if you will use solar string lights to your decoration most especially for your patio, garden, home, yard, and party if you wish to have a colorful event. Perfect for your friends and your family to enjoy the breeze of the night wand while music is playing, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with the lights. Not yet convinced? Check out the description below.

  • The LEDs of the solar string lights were arranged to 8-in apart with a long twenty feet cable wire. If the venue of the event that you are hosting is quite wide, the water drop, solar string lights will fulfill and extend its lights.
  • Are you worried about your solar string lights being broken or if it shorts circuit because the cable wire got soaked in the rain, well guess what, the water drop, solar string lights are built to be waterproof resistant against rainy weather so don’t have to remove or cover up your solar string lights. It is just you who have to cover up not the water drop, solar string lights.
  • This solar string lights will last up to 10 hours during night time only if you fully charged it during the day. Better make sure that its solar panel will get the sunlight directed to your solar panel so that its solar panel can convert the sunlight into a solar power for it to work at night time. This product has a power of 1.2V with a 1000 MAH battery.
  • You don’t need to hire someone to install your solar string lights because you can easily install it your self. But what matters the most is the placement of the lights, you have to make sure that before you install the solar string lights, you already have a vision of where you should install the lights as your decorations to match up the other decorations.
  • Water Drop, Solar String Lights were designed to have an on and off power switch button has a steady mode and flashing mode options. It’s up to you to create an incredible outcome for your decorations.
  • It was designed to have a long lifespan ranging up to 5000 hours. Enjoy the lights yourself.
  • This product is designed with the function of being light-sensitive. When the ambient light at approximately 15 lux or when the brightness is higher, it will automatically turn off.

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#9 AMIR 100 Solar String Lights

The AMIR Company designed a solar string light with a LED of 100. These solar string lights are perfect decorations for your home, party decorative, dancing because of the warm white color of the light. Not yet convinced? Well, check out the description below. What’s a solar string light if it’s not from the AMIR Solar String Lights?

  • The good thing about this solar string light, it’s just amazing how the LED bulb of these product has 100 amazing super bright lights that will surely light up the darkness through the night. This product has a high quality of 33 ft copper wire. It is built to have the quality that you were looking for.
  • This product of AMIR Company also features 360 degrees steady for a viewing angle which brightens the place in every angle.
  • There is no need for you to guard it to turn it on at night because it automatically turns on when the sensor of its solar panel realize that it is dark. And that it automatically turns off during the daytime.
  • Don’t worry if the rain comes because even if your cable wire get soaked by the rain, the solar string lights will continuously work that will last because both its solar panel and the string lights are made IP65 to be a waterproof light.
  • Afraid of your solar string light will get de-shaped if you try to shape it? Don’t worry because it is made with a wiring of a copper for it to be flexible so that it can build any shape that you want. So go on and try shaping your solar string lights into something without worrying that it might get crumpled. Be creative.
  • There is no need for you to hire someone to install the solar string lights because you can do it by yourself and you can ask to help you install your solar string lights. Always be precautious while you are installing it because an accident comes in a much unexpected moments.
  • You can easily wrap the solar string lights around the tree trunk or even in the gazebo because when it’s dark, the light wire will fade and it will look like that it is gone, that will only leave the amazing bright lights. It will look like that the bulbs were floating in the dark.

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#10 Icicle – Solar String Lights

The Icicle designed a solar string light with a 20 LED dragonfly shaped. It is perfect for a decoration if you were planning to have a fairytale event because it is designed to have a fairy light for indoor and outdoor, garden, fence, patio, lawn, bush, party, balcony, holiday, party decorations.

This LED lights of this product were bound to be long lasting because of the non- electric current use, and its solar panel powers this product. The power that’s installed in its solar panel is the converted solar power from the sunlight.

  • Solar panels are not charged from the electricity because, during the daytime, the direct heat that’s coming from the sunlight is converted by its solar panel into some electrical power to light up the solar string lights automatically.
  • The Icicle Solar String Lights are 16 ft, and so it can reach a ranger in your area. If you chose to have many Icicle Solar String Lights, the result of your decorations would be majestic.
  • These solar string lights were built to have 8 modes so that you can experience the 8 different solar string light effects. It’s wonderful because there are different kinds of lights that are coming from only one light.
  • If the rain comes, don’t bother to remove the installed solar string lights because Icicle Solar String Lights is made to be waterproof resistant. Don’t worry if the cable wire got soaked by the rain because it will still work after the raindrops.

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#11 Conclusion

We are hoping that based on the top 10 lost that we have included in the article, helped you a lot. We hope you have chosen the best solar string lights that you want to install to your home.
You can enjoy these festive and elegant decorative solar string lights with your friends, colleagues, family and with your loved one.

You can shape your solar string lights to the shape that you desire. You can easily wrap it to trees, trunks, bushes, home, garden, patio, lawn, and to a different area where you are hosting an event.

It doesn’t just bring out a starry night essence. For most people, solar lights are helpful to lessen your bills. A quick way out to pay out your bills.

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle with all those solar string lights installed in your place. Who wouldn’t fall for that? Enjoy it while your solar string lights last for the night. Make sure to pick out the best solar string lights that will light up your home.

Lastly, just as long as you know what will look good on your decorations, it will work and turned out the way where you imagine it to be. Solar string lights will not only light up your night, but it will also light up special events.

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